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Don't Breathe 2' Review – The Hollywood Reporter

Good Morning Lovelies, 

Released in lockdown, when many of us were spending time inside, the idea of someone hunting us or hurting us in our homes was terrifying. A reason many probably missed out on watching Don’t Breathe 2, out now on DVD, digitally and Blu-ray, with the nature of the story. It may have also been because the film just didn’t match up to what we experienced before. 

Made up of 99 minutes of dull horror, something that shouldn’t be happening with Halloween just passing and the world of bone-chilling terrors getting stronger, you would have hoped that the impact the first made, would have made an even bigger one on the sequel. Yet, it doesn’t. Five years on and it’s flow is lost. The drama is gone and it makes for pointless viewing. A time that you could spend doing something more worthwhile. 

The story is all over the place. The acting lacks any sense of interest and the story just flies by with no details or care. Looking back on the first film, you got to know those who were breaking into the killer's home. You got to feel for who you wanted to, with their terror really shining through. In this one, you don’t care for any of them, because you don’t have an interest in the story. 

They have made every character unlikeable. Leading to a storyline that makes you want to switch off often. Many of you may even do so. Something you never want to happen when creating a sequel to a film. This led to a boring screening, a boring film and a sequel that could have been left on the cutting room floor. 

1 Star

Joey X

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