Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Review


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Sometimes a franchise needs to be rebooted to renew our faith in it. Other times, it needs to be left behind and forgotten about. The G.I Joe series being one of them. When news broke that Henry Golding would be revising a classic character in Snake Eyes: G.I. Origins, some were excited. However, sadly that was short lived, which many of you will find out from today, as it comes out on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally from today. 

After saving the life of one of the biggest heroes in the G.I. Joe world, Golding’s cage fighter Snake Eyes is invited to join the G.I. Joe ninja world. Yet, as he learns to come to terms with his new home, he discovers that members from his past haunt it and he can’t hold back from seeking revenge. 

Golding brings his A game to the film, yet the lack of thrills within the two hour feature makes for a boring viewing. Working to entertain all family members mean vital fights, key plot points and character building is all stripped back. 

There is no solid form. It all just seems rushed and over the top with moments then cut sharply to stop younger audiences being upset. However, it some ways they could have kept them in and made it all work well. 

The film uses influences from its previous franchise features and gives hints to future ones. Yet, regarding Snake Eyes, it either needs to be rebuilt or the character should be left to rest again. It’s a sad thing when so much could have been done with the character. 

2 Stars

Joey X

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