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Good Morning Lovelies, 

What do you think of when you think of Leonardo Da Vinci? Famous paintings and statues? The history that he left behind? Or maybe even Italy? Whatever it may be, there is something for all to think of. No matter what age you are. However, something that you might not look into is his rise to the top. An element that has become the main focus of the new series, Leonardo, out today on DVD and digitally. 

Starring Aidan Turner, the Amazon series, which was first aired in Italy, captures the stories behind his most famous works and how they came to be, during a series of questions from the police, who suspect him of murder. Turner captures the artist at his most self-critical, highlighting the torment and troubles that he faced, as he comes to terms with things going wrong and trying to work to make them right. 

Made up of eight episodes, the series highlights the importance of each painting and stature in one hour each. Yet, viewers will be seeking for their length to be even longer. You want them to go on and merge more into one. With the beauty of the home release, you can binge the entire box set. However, if you watched this as a single episode, weekly, series, then you would have been left in utter torment. 

Of course, there are many changes from what really happened within Da Vinci’s life, but it doesn’t stop you enjoying the show. In fact, it compels you more to find out the truth. Sitting with your phone or on the internet afterwards trying to discover what really did happen and how it left a mark. A clever formulation by the makers of the series. One that has led to an announcement that a second series is going to be made. 

Ultimately, the series is a truly clever mix of history and make believe, that will teach all who watch it something about not just the paintings we know but the man behind them. Da Vinci has been captured perfectly by Turner. He deserves to win a number of awards for his turn as the artist in fact. History is no longer boring with this adaptation of realism. 

4 Stars

Joey X

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