#DustItOff! My Review of the Flash Dust Magnet


Good Morning Lovelies,

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I would like to trial the new Flash Dust Magnet Duster and of course I said yes! If a new cleaning product comes out, I want to know all about it! Especially if it is going to help me keep my home tidy in an easy way. 

The Flash Dust Magnet is made up of a number of fluffy fibres that help to trap dirt, dust and hair from humans and pets in swift and easy motions. Taking it out of the box, I found the product to be super lightweight and easy to assemble. All of which starting the cleaning process quickly. 

Upon placing it along my shelves, I found that the head moved around the items on it, such as my candles, whilst removing all the dust around them. The long handle made it easy to reach up and remove cobwebs too. 

Instantly my home felt fresher and surprisingly the dust head didn’t even seem that dirty. However, you can get more refills for a great price at many local shops to keep the process super clean. 

Often I find when dusting that I can clean an area, turn around, turn back and the dust has reappeared. Yet, this didn’t happen here. The magnet really did scoop up all the dust around my house and I was super impressed. 

Upon opening the box I wasn’t sure what to expect. Ultimately though, the Flash Dust Magnet exceeded all of my expectations and I will definitely be investing in more refills to continue to use it in the future. 

Cleaning done in a flash equals a massive fantastic from me! 

Joey X

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  1. My experience of the Dust Magnet is the opposite of yours. I put it together, and it looked very sad - not at all the fluffy bunny shown on the front of the box. I tried to use it, and the fluffy bit just kept falling off the wand. When I tried to move it around items on a shelf, it came iff completely. Don't know what I expected for a couple of quid, but it certainly wasn't this!

    1. Totally agree with you. Most useless piece of cleaning kit I have ever bought. Saw the name Flash and thought would be good. So wrong

    2. Exactly my experience too. I assumed that there would be "slots" to feed the brush onto the handle but no. It was in the bin within 5 minutes and I got out a duster.

    3. I have literally come online to try and find out how on earth to keep the fluffy bit on the duster. I assumed I was missing something but clearly it is just a bit rubbish. Shame as the fibres pick up the dust really well.