The Faux Flower Company Are Blooming Marvellous!


Good Morning Lovelies,

In my home I like to make sure I have two things. One is a candle that is almost always scented in a Christmas smell. The second is a bunch of flowers or plants. However, with the hot weather draining the plants of water, it does make me a little sad to see the die. 

Yet, thankfully, I have been introduced to a new company, who are here to solve all of mine and yours flower problems. The Faux Flower Company create beautiful faux flowers that are incredibly lifelike and never let you down. 

A few weeks ago, the team got in touch with me to see if I would like to work with them. Automatically I said yes! Kindly, they gifted me a bunch of flowers and until they arrived I didn’t know what they would be, however, I was super excited to unveil what they had picked. 

Fresh and full of summer vibes, the team had created a gorgeous bunch of made up of bright green foliage leaves and a single large white peony. Ironically, the day that they arrived I had been discussing with my mum in our local floristry just how pretty peonies are. So, you can imagine my excitement at this creation. 

Taking them out of the box, I was amazed at how soft, light and delicate they seemed. They are so realistic that I would have second guest their faux name if they were in someone else’s home. The quality is simply superb and instantly my mum was on their website to discover how much a bunch got my dad’s grave would be. 

Knowing that these flowers are going nowhere makes me so happy. I’ve never really like faux flowers before, as I think they look a little plastic, but these definitely don’t. Plus, with care instructions with the bouquet, they will never fade or fall apart. A huge win for all. 

On The Faux Flower Company’s website, the prices start from £7.50 and I would definitely say that they are worth every penny. They are going nowhere fast in our house and I already know that I will be making more bouquets for other rooms in our house in the future. 

Especially with the beautiful sunflowers they have, which are my favourite flowers ever. Seeing them instantly brings a smile to my face! The Faux Flower Company have made a fab out of me and I couldn’t recommend them enough. They are going to be the floral stunners that my home needs this year for sure!

What is your favourite flower lovelies? 

Joey X

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