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Good Morning Lovelies, 

I am going to be honest with you all now and admit that seeds terrify me. Before my condition, I never used to mind them, however now, I just can’t face them. Yet, my family are still massive fans of them, leading to me still using them in bakes and creations. 

Inspired by this, I was hugely grateful when the team at Munchy Seeds asked me if I would like to try a few of their products. Instantly I said yes, as I knew that my family would love them, especially in a freshly baked loaf of bread. 

The team kindly sent me two packs to trial. First out of the bag was the Mega Omega and the second was the brilliant Honey Roasted. The bags are massive and the amount of seeds you get for around £2.50 is incredible. Even my neighbour stole some and we had loads left. 

For my bake, I decided to use the omega product, which made a beautiful seeded granary loaf for my mum to enjoy. Warm, with butter spread on top, she loved it, stating that the seeds weren’t too hard and just the right texture for the bread. 

This feedback inspired me to look into ways to use the honey ones, with another bread recipe on the horizon. However, you could easily add them to cakes, muffins and even as simple toppings on cereal, salads and porridge. The uses for these seeds are endless. 

Munchy Seeds were not a brand I had heard of before. Yet, seeing the quality of the product and the amount in each pack is fantastic. If I ate a lot of seeds, I would be buying these every week. Now I know about them, I will buying them for every bake seeds are called for. 

Even my neighbour feels the same, having tried hers on her cereal and porridge in the morning. Staying to me over a number of days that they gave her so much energy, which she said is needed with three young boys. 

Full of goodness and flavour, Munchy Seeds are truly munchy and I can’t recommend them enough. Maybe they will just be the brand to beat my fear! 

How do you like to enjoy seeds lovelies? Let me know your creations! 

Joey X

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