John Wick: Chapter Four Review


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When John Wick was released back in 2014, not many people thought it was going to be a good film. Until it launched itself into cinemas and homes at lightning speed. One that led it to release its fourth outing titled John Wick: Chapter 4!

Returning as Wick, Keanu Reeves takes revenge to a whole new level in this latest feature, after seeking it for his pet dog in the first film. After killing a member of the High Table, a group of international assassins’, John Wick is faced with the biggest decision he has had to make so far. Whether freedom is worth the risk of death, after being made aware that his only chance of getting it is to fight it out in the ultimate battle.

A battle that is endlessly violent. To the point that it becomes hard to watch with the amount of blood being squirted about. All kinds of weapons are brought out, from knifes to fists, to bring this next chapter to life. One that picks up right where the third feature ended. 

Whilst many could be wondering what new element they could bring to the story Keanu Reeves, who plays Wick, and director Chad Stahelski manage to find a way to make it work. Even if it seems like everything is a little bit all over the place at times. In fact, quite a lot of the time. 

The film and the franchise has become a piece of cinema history working to reconnect cinematic history. From the casting to the story, it seems that any martial arts hero has been brought into the mould and the story wants to use it to its best advantage. Yet, it doesn’t seem to click in the fourth film like the others. 

Maybe it is the sense that it has all been done before being brought into the mould. It could be the way that the story just seems a little too much at times. It could actually be the casting now, however, Reeves is still on top form. Whatever it may be, it is a sad reality for those who have loved the franchise from the start. 

If you haven’t seen any of the others, you must watch them before viewing this one. If you are already fan, you will enjoy it, maybe just not like you did the previous ones. Overall though it is a good adventure thriller that brings the saga into a great fourth feature length. 

3 Stars

Joey X

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