Life Update! Summer, Smiles and Struggles…


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Anyone else wondering how on earth we are already nearing the end of August? It seems like only yesterday that we were marking the start of the year. In the past eight months, life has had a lot of ups and downs. Round and rounds. Yes and no’s. But the past few have brought a lot of lovely changes. 

Since I last did a life update, I have been getting a little stronger. I’m still fighting my eating disorder daily and it causes me lots of problems, but I am still trying every day to overcome it. It is the little wins that lead to the big ones.

In June, I managed to have a meal out whilst on holiday. Something I booked and arranged. I had a meal of my choosing on my birthday, followed by my mum’s homemade apple crumble. I’ve tried higher calorie foods. Read more books. Applied for more volunteering roles. Accepted new radio positions. I have adventures too. 

My mum manages to take more breaks and my brother also moved into a new house. We are all doing little things to help us get stronger. To leave positivity throughout 2021. Something I hope that we are all doing. 

We all still miss my dad terribly, yet, we know he is watching us all and making the sun shine down. He knows when to do this to make our days better. However, when I got a new piercing recently the weather went cold, so I apologise for annoying him aha! 

In the words of Ferris, sometimes you just have to stop and take a moment to see what is around you. You have to pause and love the people helping you. The people beside you. Yourself even. There is only one of you after all and you are so important. 

Right now, that is something I am trying to teach myself. When I look in the mirror, something I struggle with, I always smile. It may seem strange, but I do it to try and show myself that I love who I am becoming. Even on my hardest days. 

Today, or this week, I want you to do the same. Smile at a stranger, but most importantly smile at and try to love yourself. And try to just keep remembering and reminding yourself how amazing you are. 

Oh, and one other thing. How are you? Let me know! I am always here for you if you need me! 

Joey X

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