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Good Morning Lovelies,

For many years, the world of Saw dominated the horror film industry. It was a powerhouse of gore, guts and terror, with villain Jigsaw haunting us all. Now though, as the latest outing for the horror that it was, comes out on DVD, digitally and on Blu-Ray, it seems the only scary thing now is what the franchise has become. 

Taking on the lead role, Chris Rock plays a scared detective, who alongside his father, must find out what is really causing the deaths of those he works with. Unlike the previous features, the film slips in more ways than one. Leading it into more Scary Movie territory than the horror show it was. 

To be fair to the features creators, they do try to make and take the franchise into new lands. Yet, it just never seems to click in the way that many would hope. With most features, viewers would be hoping for a refreshing reboot. This one doesn’t deliver that. It makes you want to switch off a few times and not because of the gore either. 

This may come from the way in which the story tries to go deeper into the characters. There isn’t much need for a backstory here, but the plot tries to deliver one. Making it hard at times to give the horror element its full power. The script fails to keep audiences gripped and becomes silly. 

Ultimately, the film has been made to give those who loved the previous features something new. A part of the story that they have been missing. A story that sadly doesn’t hold the attention of all, but will provide a nice element to those who view the franchise as a horror film classic. 

The reboot could have been so much more and it is sad that it isn’t for them. However, fans and horror film fans, may find a small element of love for seeing the evil killer back on screen. Those who aren’t so keen, you can avoid this one easily though. 

2 Stars

Joey X

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