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Good Morning Lovelies,

With another heatwave set to reach us all in the UK, it is the perfect time to head out into the garden. In our house, we will be to sort out the grass and flowers. All in time for my nephew to come and play in it. Seeing as he is obsessed with all things sports wise.

At nearly six years old, he just can’t get enough of playing them with the whole family. He even won man of the match at his last few football games. So, when Jaques London offered me the chance to review some of their fabulous wooden game sets, I had to say yes.

Picking out two items, both very different, I was amazed with how fast they came. With one aged for smaller children and the other for a little bit older ones, it allowed me to see the differences in the sets and their age ranges. It was safe to say I was impressed.

The first toy I uncovered was a wooden biscuit tin. Aimed at children 12 months and over, it featured toy creations of our favourite snacks. Including a Party Ring aha! The toys were amazing quality and would add charm to any tea party hosted by a little one. There aren’t many figures to pick from, but you have the ease and joy of knowing and teaching colours, foods, numbers and more with them. Plus, they are great to play with both indoors and out.

However, the next game I received was definitely an outdoor one! Unless you want a lot of broken items. One for the whole family to join in with, I picked out a family rounders set, which I know my nephew will get everyone involved with. Simple to set up, the game comes in a handy bag, meaning everything can be stored together. Plus, all the equipment is quite compact, so it doesn’t take up too much room.

We had lots of fun with this and loved the quality of it. Rounders reminds me of summertime spent on the big play fields at school. The sun beaming down, running around each square to score points. Seeing my family having fun doing it now, made me love this set all the more.

Jaques London was a brand I wasn’t actually aware of before this post. Yet, I have discovered a lot of admiration for them and their creations. They take the time and effort to make fun pieces for the whole family to enjoy. Each game could make the perfect present for anyone.

To find out more about them lovelies, head to their website, where you can find the games mentioned above and more. Summer will truly be blessed with them.

Joey X

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