Turn To The Dark Side With Black Insomnia Cold Brew Coffee


Good Morning Lovelies, 

How do you like your coffee? Black? Milky? Decaf? Or on the go, made by an expert brewer? How about from a can? The way I found my regular taste testers being challenged thanks to Black Insomnia’s new Cold Brew coffee cans. 

Priced at £9.99 for four, the cans arrived at my home quickly, after I was offered the chance to review them. Something I kindly accepted, as I live with my mum who adores coffee. In all forms. 

Known and made to help boost moods and minds, the Cold Brew coffee isn’t like an iced coffee. Oh no, it is a coffee that has been made by being placed in icy cold water for hours to help produce an intense flavour. One that my mum couldn’t wait to put to the test. 

Pouring it from the van, you could smell the rich coffee aroma throughout our kitchen. It was, I have to say, heavenly. Filling up a latte glass, the brew was stirred, before my mum took a sip. A big one at that. 

I will admit now that my mum doesn’t really like iced coffee. However, this isn’t like that. This is a refreshing room temp coffee that she found herself really impressed by. Even stating that she would happily have one again on a hot day. 

The look of the cans can be intimidating but don’t let it put you off. There is nothing to fear. The smell is gorgeous, the taste equally so according to my mum and the amount you get makes it worth the money. Especially when you calculate the normal costs of a coffee brought from shops.

Available online and in additional forms, including pods and grounds, this cold brew is not to be missed. It is an intense enjoyment. One that I am sure our family will enjoy again. To find out more, head to their website. You will not be disappointed. 

Joey X

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