Ready For Something Life Changing? Discover The Winners of The Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Normally, I would be blogging early in the morning, however today, I have come on a little later to share some exciting news I have just heard about! After months of looking at new designs and products, Amazon Launchpad has announced the winners of the Amazon Launchpad Innovation Awards. All of which, making amazing changes to the world! 

Awarded the chance to win a financial grant and free access to Amazon Launchpad for a year, the brands are all very different. One of them that stands out is the Påhoj bike seat and stroller. Made in Sweden, the brand has created a tool fit for environmental and social change. Working on helping to build a more flexible lifestyle, the creation makes it easier for parents and carers to go biking and walking with their children. 

With dual functioning, it is one of the simply amazing pieces that blew me away when I looked at the winners. Alongside them was a revolutionary new washing machine filter, a tampon changing the world, a enviromentally friendly way to cook BBQ food fast and a new smartcane, which helps those in need. 

To discover more of the brand's lovelies, visit the Amazon Launchpad site. I adore all of them and would love to know, which one stands out to you? Let me know! 

Joey X

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