Scoundrel: The Newest Sugar Free Scottish Chocolate You Need To Know About!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

When I was little, Hertford (where I live) used to have a chocolate shop. If I had been good, for a little treat or if I had had an appointment (maybe the after-dentist treat wasn’t a great idea mum), I could go in there and get my favourites – white chocolate buttons or a chocolate lollipop!

Sadly, however, the shop has since closed and due to my eating disorder, I haven’t been able to enjoy them as I once did. I’ve never found something to replace them even. So, when Scoundrel, a Scottish chocolate company, got in touch to offer me the chance to review their chocolate on the blog, I asked my taste tester aka my mum to step up and help. Something she was all too happy to do.

The Scoundrel chocolate angels have made it their mission to make sure that they have made three luxury sugar free, dairy free chocolate bars. White, milk and dark in flavour, the bars come in 55g handy bars, as well as a free cookbook code that is easy to slip into your bag and take around with you. Or to use in one of the recipes in the cookbook. 

Opening up the bar, I was really surprised by how fantastic the pieces looked. Something that excited my mum a lot, as she prepared to try the bars. In our house, we have always thought and looked at the taste of items. We long for the same flavours and feelings that the old sweet shop used to bring. These bars may be a little bit more adult, but according to my mum, they definitely nearly match up. 

Made from only the finest ingredients, according to the Scoundrel website, these are a tasty find that all can enjoy. My mum stated that if my dad was still here they would be perfect in fact, due to them being sugar free and good for diabetics. Whilst other bars try hard to give the best flavours but lack in doing so, these work. They taste just like classic high quality chocolate bars according to my mum and she would definitely look into buying them again. 

Scoundrel has lots of good deals on their website, including their own cookbook and ice cream, which can be ordered online. To find out more head to their site, where you can see all of their delights on offer. 

Have you discovered a new chocolate brand in lockdown? Let me know about them in the comments or via social media, as I would love to hear about them! 

Joey X

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