Marcella Series Three Review


Good Morning Lovelies,

Marcella is a show that has continuously changed. From a mysterious first series to a money making scheme of a third, there has been no stopping the strange happenings within it. Now, with the season coming out on DVD and digitally, the third series three episodes are ones to watch just for the madness of it all. 

Ratings plummeted on the second and third episodes, as many switched off. I can see why. Unlike the previous seasons, the third has somehow managed to make the show lose its spark. No longer is the character one that we fall for. No longer does the show hold its power over us. It is simply a mad hatched plan of a feature that makes us wonder what the character is going through. How is she even doing what she does. 

Anna Friel is on top form as always, but even she can’t save the writing and storyline from going way too far. It is as if the creators have been forced to just write down everything that comes into their heads quickly, in case they forget it, making it all fall apart. 

The character's reinvention has also reinvented the show. But not in a good way. Whilst Marcella had an amazing track record for hooking us in, this one is not the same. It is a downfall that brings with it a sadness. 

2 Stars

Joey X

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