Get Ready For Sunny Days With Wicked Toys New Collection!


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Did you ever just spend hours and hours in the garden when you were younger playing with the most random of toys? This was definitely me and my brothers! 

We would go out and play with our friends for hours and hours, taking place in our gardens, outside the front of our house and on family holidays at our caravan. Places that hold lots of memories for me. 

There was often times when we would feel the need to it get out the Swingball. Kick a football about. Ride around on our bikes or find random things to play with. Many of which have lasted for years and I loved so much. 

This brought me onto wanting to try out the new range from Wicked Vision Toys, when the company got in touch with me. Making different kinds of toys to help get everyone outside, the lovely team sent me three items from the new collection that I can’t get enough of. 

Opening the parcel in which they sent me, I found myself face to face with a Mega Jump first. A giant skipping rope, which allows you to twist, jump and move in more ways than a normal rope would allow, this brought back lots of school memories. I was never a good skipper, but with this toy I couldn’t help but be impressed. Definitely flexible and able to move a lot more easier than a smaller rope, this is great to get everyone to join in with, even if you haven’t done any skipping in years. 

The next toy I found was a Zzzopa Ball! Designed to be like a fidget spinner, but also to be played with like a ball, you can spin, bounce or throw this toy to help it soar across the room. At first I was worried that I was going to cause some damage, but once I had a go at it, I was seriously impressed. The ball moved so quickly, yet it was done in a safe way. It was able to help me focus on something else, by spinning it when my anorexia head got too much. As well, it was also perfect at helping me to distress when my busy week got a bit too much. I will definitely be using it more as a fidget toy than a normal ball and couldn’t recommend it more for this lovelies. 

Finally, the last product I found was a Sonic Booma. This is a toy that is made for the garden. Please do not throw it in your house, because you will destroy it aha! With a built in whistle, this boomerang type toy goes 15 to 20 metres, before coming back to you. I’m yet to give this a spin, as I want to head to our local park to do so. However, having looked at the feel of it and the way it has been designed, it definitely looks like another toy to use as a relaxing tool. I can’t wait for the warmer months to arrive to give it a proper trial. 

When summer gets here and hopefully we can meet up with our families and friends I will be bringing these out. To find out more about the items lovelies, head to the Wicked website, where you will also find so many more amazing toys. 

What is one toy that always reminds you of summer? Let me know! 

Joey X

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