A Letter To My Weird and Wonderful Head! Yes, I Did Just Say That...


Hey Lovelies,

Okay weird statement time! Looking at my face I could point out a lot of things I don’t like. How much my illness shows. How I have a slight wonky front tooth. My glasses are too big for it. And the big curly hair I have, which was spat in, taunted for, “trying to be a perm,” when I wore it down at school, frizzes like no tomorrow!

Yet, as I have been going through recovery I have been learning to look after it more. Every day creams, lotions and potions all get applied to it. I pluck and prod it. All of which makes me feel good. More human in fact.

My head is also the place which stores my brain. Yes, the one with anorexia and the anxiety disorder. More importantly though the organ that has kept me alive. Kept me fighting. Got me through school, sixth form, university, family and friendship matters. Taught me how to be a fighter. An organ grown inside the biggest fighter I know! My mum!

This morning when I woke up and looked at my phone, I was greeted by amazing, inspiring images from so many women, who all give me hope, power and motivation each day. Taking a picture with my body in it. 

With my wonky tooth. With the power to show that I have nothing to be afraid of. It all came from motivation to share who I am. Yes, I may be ill. But I am fighting it. And no way is it gonna bring me down! Queue One Direction singing…

Joey X

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