The Secrets She Keeps Review



Hey Lovelies, 

Sometimes a show will come along and it will deliver something that you will not be expecting. Fresh from Australia, Laura Carmichael takes the lead in The Secrets She Keeps, an exciting new thriller. Out today digitally and on DVD. Filled with twists and turns, the show was created with the promise to hatch a promising edge of your seat thrill. However, it doesn’t always entertain. 

Created and adapted by Michael Rowbotham, from his 2017 novel, the six-part drama follows two women, as they come to terms with being mothers. Yet, things are not at all as they seem and the show takes a sinister turn, with Carmichael shredding her Downton Abbey image completely. 

Showing the world how social media captures only what we want it to, there is a clever mix of reality with the idea that those we think we know are not that person at all. It is however a show that won’t leave you shocked. You will kind of guess the moments that others will too. You will see where it is going and you won’t be left with a sense of wanting the show to return when it ends. 

Carmichael is superb in the role and is the main reason to watch. Taking herself away from everything we have witnessed her in before, she is the breath of life in the series. If there is ever a reason to just binge this, then she is it. 

For a thrilling ride, this may not be the one to get your heart truly racing, but it is a chance to see fantastic acting. Something that every show in 2020 needs, especially with so few new dramas being released. 

3 Stars

Joey X

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