Going Back To My Roots: The 90s Picks I Am Loving In Lockdown


Hey Lovelies,

Schools are opening. How are you all feeling about that? I know that it is a scary time for many parents out there and I want you to know that I am always here for you. If you ever want to talk to someone please just use the email to do so and I will reply. Being open and vocal during these tough times is so important.

With the world trying to open again, I have been looking at myself and how I have been over the past few weeks and it got me thinking back to the 90s. The time in which I was born. The years in which if we were going through what we are now I would have been going back to school.

I adore the 90s. So much so that I feel myself turning back into a child when I think about it. All I want is to go back to that simple time. Leading me to make many interesting decisions recently. I find that when it comes to challenging foods, finding new styles, and even following people on Instagram, I am looking at things that remind me of being young. Who else is with me?

Right now, these are just a few 90s elements in my life that I am just loving:

Honey Monster’s Wheat Puffs: I don’t think I ever had these when I was little, but I was always amazed by the Honey Monster. Now, I have been able to conquer a big sugar fear and have been enjoying them daily. They are fast becoming a favourite and I feel bad that I did not let the 90s child in me have them.

Polly Pockets: On Instagram, I have been following lots and I mean LOTS of Polly Pocket unboxing accounts. All I want is a classic 90s design. I get so angry that me and my mum got rid of the ones I had. I had boxes full and we sold them at a car boot. Just you wait until they open back up again.

Disney Films: The other day I found a bunch of VHS videos and all of them were Disney. With Disney+, I have been rediscovering a whole host of classic Disney films I used to love, including Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and more at night. I might have to find a VHS player to enjoy these beauties again in their original form.

Tamagotchi: A little while ago I asked my mum if we still had my Tamagotchi from when I was little. On Thursday, I found it! I put in a new battery and it magically still works. I will admit I have let it die now, as it did annoy me, but it was amazing at bringing back childhood memories.

Smelly Pens: Heading out to our local Home Bargains recently to get some essentials, I got overexcited when I spotted smelly pens by Crayola. Safe to say I brought them, and they are now my most favourite things. There is a toasted marshmallow one, which is truly lush.

Have you been finding yourself going back to your childhood during this tough time? I cannot wait to get back to vintage hunting when all of this is over. Who else is with me?

Joey X

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