Blumhouse's Fantasy Island 2020 Review


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For anyone who watched the HBO special, My Dinner with Herve will know that the inside look into Fantasy Island, the 1970s hit show and its stars have become a sort of phenomenon. There so, it was only a matter of time until the series was given a modern makeover and released back into the world. Something Blumhouse Productions has done today, as they release their 2020 version of Fantasy Island on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally from today. 

When competition winners Melanie (Lucy Hale), Gwen (Maggie Q), JD (Ryan Hansen) and more arrive on Fantasy Island they believe that all their wildest dreams are about to come true. Yet, the trip soon turns to terror when curator Mr Roarke (Michael Peña), sends them out on a series of challenges that turn their dreams into a nightmare. 

Trying to take the beauty of the island, the classic drama and the brilliant back catalogue of films that have led to the company being so successful, Fantasy Island, tries hard to make everything mix together. However, it fails in the way it should. Much of the feature feels like it is leading the creative team down a path that they do not really know much about. There is a lack of knowledge, which if audiences are turning to the film to learn about the series, will find that they are not going to get what they want. 

With characters never fully developed, plot holes throughout, and the need to add comedy in a manner that seems like they are using it to fill a gap, there is too much hanging in the balance. It feels like the feature was not always fully used, especially within the graphics, making the island become something that you might see in a no or little CGI feature. You become bored when watching because of these details, which are hugely important. 

Horror films must be something that really stands out now. There is no way that features like this can keep the franchise alive and thrill-seeking fans will be the first to tell creators this. It is full to the brim of clichés. It is a film that does not make you want to go back and find out more about the series. Instead, you hope and dream that this island stays in the middle of the sea untouched. 

2 Stars

Joey X

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