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Go back to 2002. The world was a bit less insane in some ways, but it was producing horror films like they were going to go out of fashion. It was a time when Japanese filmmaker Takashi Shimizu originated Ju-On: The Grudge. A film franchise that is continuing to leave a mark with horror fans, as does the latest outing within it, The Grudge, which returns on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digitally from today.

Marked as a reboot and a sort of sequel, this feature doesn’t do much to stimulate the horror film world. However, director Nicolas Pesce does manage to make a feature that sparks familiar themes that the first one did. Bringing comfort to audiences who need a horror film fix during these unfamiliar times.

Focused on a recently widowed mother, Andrea Riseborough, plays a detective, who must unravel a case that causes her to seek out the history of a very disturbing house. A house that just so happens to be cursed with many spirits, who are seeking revenge for terrifying matters.

Told through a number of narratives over the course of three years, the plot is leading force within the feature. With an all-star cast including John Cho, Frankie Faison, Jacki Weaver, Betty Gilpin and Riseborough, there is no denying that the spooks have been made with the story in mind. Yet, this does cause less connection between character and actor to develop when watching. 

It focuses too much on the need for jumps and trying to make audiences get the same feeling they did before that it doesn’t create as much of an appeal. Add in the ordinary clichés and it becomes a guessable feature that is ultimately predictable to watch. If you are a Grudge fan, this is a nice addition to the collection for you, but don’t expect anything new. If you haven’t seen the films before, maybe go back to the start before going into this one, to save on disappointment.

2 Stars

Joey X

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