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Preacher showrunner breaks down Sunday's crazy series finale |

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Now before we begin I will admit that I have not watched all the episodes of the last ever series of Preacher yet, but as the DVD and Blu-Ray is released today I didn’t want to not get involved in saying goodbye. After appearing on Amazon Video, the show has launched a whole new meaning to the comic book character.

Dominic Cooper plays preacher Jesse Custer, a man who has an angel and demon power about him. His actions cause those around him to obey his every word, even when he is saying it in a weird voice. Once he has got used to it, the show becomes comedic and strange comic book story.

Joining the likes of Netflix's Lucifer, the show has broken down the norms when it comes to religion over the course of the past four series. Although the character may be very different to other fictional priest based figures, the show has a way of hooking you in. There is a lot of violence, swearing and overall nonsense at times but Cooper has taken the character and made him a great TV character.

From the first few episodes, you know that for the hour or so that you are watching every thought, feeling and emotion need to be cleared. Then you can go in with an open mind and one ready to see that this character is coming to life and you are going to witness a lot of things. Mostly all of them good.

There is not an episode where you won’t smile or laugh or sometimes sit in shock, but they are all moments that you remember. The show has been a joy to watch from start to finish. Going out on a big bang like it has will make it a series to remember for years to come.

4 Stars

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