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Hey Lovelies, 

Before lockdown happened and the world completely changed, I did something a little bit sneaky with my mum. I booked a trip in November to Disneyland Paris. We decided to book up for the last week of October, to get the final few glimpses of Halloween. Now, with everything that is happening, we are not sure whether it will still be going ahead or not. But fingers crossed it will.

Many of you know that Disneyland Paris is my happy place. I used the trip as motivation when in the hospital. It is the place I dream of daily and I am missing it. It is also strange to think that right now it is practically empty. Hopefully, this means that all ride changes and work will be complete in time for all our trips when we finally get to go. Something that will happen very soon. I can feel it.

Whilst we wait for our next trips, I thought it would be quite fun to delve into this Disney Q&A with you all. Sharing my love of all things Disney and Pixar, I have gone a bit mad fanning over this one…

Favourite Disney Film?
I honestly cannot pick! It is like asking a parent to choose their favourite child. However, I do have a huge amount of love for Inside Out, The Little Mermaid and Toy Story.

Favourite Disney Character?
Disney wise I would have to say it is probably Chip N’ Dale but Disney Pixar wise it is Bing Bong! My hero!

Favourite Disney Princess?
I have two! I feel like I connect a lot with Belle from Beauty and The Beast, but I love Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Plus, she gets to marry my favourite prince and weird animation crush Eric.

Favourite Disney Song?
I can’t pick this! It is too hard! I do love Tarzan, Hercules and Mulan’s soundtracks though. Make A Man Out Of You is just perfect.

Which Disney character would be your best friend?
Woody from Toy Story or Bing Bong in Inside Out! They are so willing to do anything for the humans in their lives and I feel like you could trust them a lot to look after you.

Who would be your Disney pet?
Max from The Little Mermaid! I imagine he would just be so cosy and sweet to cuddle up with.

Have you ever been to Disneyland?
Yes, I have been to Disneyland Paris twice now. I went for my 22nd birthday, nearly three years ago and then I went at Christmas a few years ago. Hopefully, I will be able to go back and enjoy Halloween in November this year. Of course, sharing the whole trip with you all too.

Do you collect anything Disney wise?
Disney Ears! I can’t go to the parks without picking up a pair. I am also growing a large collection of Disney mugs and I am trying to get all the Disney films on DVD. I just need to find some of the rare ones to complete it.

What Disney film would you star in if you could?
High School Musical! Maybe High School Musical 2 in fact, because they go on holiday and get to work together whilst having fun. Plus, the songs are just too epic.

How old were you when you watched your first Disney film?
Oh my! I cannot remember, but I was probably very young. I used to watch films with my brother, so he probably showed me one when I was little. He is a big fan of The Lion King, so it was probably that or a princess one.

What do you love about Disney?
That it is so clever in the way it grips both adults and children. They have made films and shows that touch on subjects that both can watch and understand. Watch Inside Out to see what I mean lovelies. It is also the company that made the happiest place on Earth for me.

Who is your favourite Disney couple?
Ariel and Eric! I think it is because he is my weird animation crush (don’t judge me!) and so I have a soft spot for them. They also fight land and sea to be together, so they kind of deserve it aha!

I hope that you all enjoyed delving into the world of Disney with me lovelies. Please do take this Q&A and share with me your answers!

Joey X

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