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School can be tough. We all know that. Whether it is the horrible bullies you faced or the tough routines and lessons, school is a place where we learn a lot about ourselves. Taking the experiences of many and wowing audiences at several festivals, actor Jessica Hynes has created a British classic in The Fight. A feature which is out today on DVD and digitally.

Packing a real punch, Hynes takes on the role of struggling wife and mother Tina Bell. Faced with the hardships of her parents (Anita Dobson and Christopher Fairbank) splitting up and a conflicting relationship with them, Tina is also upset to find that her daughter (Sennia Nanua) is being bullied by a mother (Rhona Mitra) and daughter (Liv Hill) team. All whilst dealing with the daily problems of having a full-time job, marriage, three children and her past bring.

With a rising sense of dysfunction causing her turmoil, Tina turns to boxing. Using the ring to gain confidence, self-worth and stability, the film becomes a Rocky-like feature in a matter of moments, as she prepares for every fight possible, in the hopes to come out as a winner. Unlike Rocky though, Hynes has made sure that every scene she pens shows the true promise of British grit that UK cinemas have become known for.

As a debut feature, The Fight is a promising and effective film. Moments feel so real that you can picture yourselves in them. Whether it be her young daughter facing up to the bullies or the issues her husband has with her boxing, the challenges are real. They have been thought about and presented. They show that not everything will work out in a Rocky manner.

Yet, Hynes pulls it all together through her performance. She knows what she wants audiences to come away with and she knows how to get it. All making for very powerful viewing. If anything, it is the reason to watch. The Fight may be on to get the film noticed, but Hynes will do it.

3 ½ Stars

Joey X

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