Why Strictly Come Dancing Means Autumn Is Officially Here


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Hey Lovelies, 

Do you have a show that marks the start of a new season? To me, when the classics return and Sunday nights are now spent in, under a blanket, enjoying them, I know that winter is here. But it all starts when Strictly Come Dancing comes back on screen. It is the start of autumn and winter. It is the time when we all get to find a pair we vote for each week (normally Kevin and whoever he is with) and plans go out the window.

No longer do I want summer. No longer do I seek to leave my home. I want to be in a big jumper, with comfort food, enjoying the dancing that takes place each week. I need to see what moves they have come up with. I want the sob stories that come. I need the CHEESE!

Everything about Strictly just screams cosy. It is like having a warm cup of tea placed in front of you for you to embrace and accept with massive open arms. If you have never seen it or got into it, then you need to lovelies. More so, just for the theme tune if anything. As soon as I hear the opening tune, I know that I need to get the blanket out and wrap it around me like a cocoon. Hibernation in full effect.

Really this post is short but a sweet thank you to Strictly. It is a welcome back. It is a hurry up and start because I can’t wait to see dreamy Kevin on my screen each week, whilst voting long and hard for Michelle Visage. Oh, and to watch the brilliant cheese ball Anton, who has got a very good partner this year (he could win!!!).

Strictly season has arrived and screw it if that doesn’t mean that I am not using this time to fully embrace all the autumn vibes. Who is with me? If so, let me know. Although I will warn you that I may leave you covered in sequins, a golden fake tan and more make up than you have ever seen. Okay, probably not, but you get me. Let the cosy season begin!

Joey X

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