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Hey Lovelies, 

Do you ever see something and feel like your insides have squeezed together from the cuteness of it? Upon opening a package from OTOTO Design, this was the feeling I got. Full of gorgeously sweet kitchen and lifestyle equipment and tools, the parcel was everything I could have hoped for and more from their new collection.

With five exciting products inside, the first thing my eyes landed on was a mushroom. A magic mushroom if you may (not that kind). Painted bright red and white, the mushroom was uncovered to be a funnel. Small to store in the kitchen but big enough to pour large amounts, the mushroom transforms by flicking the top section over, where the liquids are then poured. These then go down the stem of the mushroom and into whatever you are pouring them into. I loved how simple it was, yet it made my kitchen look really fun. It also looks like it would be great to help pour bathroom items into travel bottles and I have to say there was no mess with the silicone design.

The next thing I uncovered was SpaceMark. A small spaceman who will make giant leaps across many different worlds. Mostly because he is a super cool bookmark. Fun for kids and big kids, this instantly screamed stocking filler to me. Sitting on a little world, Mark is aa full model, who pops out at the top of the page for you to easily flick to it. The planet is a smooth design that doesn’t mark the pages. I was a little worried that they might have ripped or torn from the weight, but that isn’t the case and the little model sits well.

Being a big fan of stationery and having been overjoyed by SpaceMark, the next item in the box I got my hands on made my heart skip a beat. Animals are one of my big things. If I could I would have a Beehive at my house. However, our garden isn’t really fit for one. Yet, it is fit for OTOTO’s Busy Bee's beehive paperclip storage system. Shaped like a hive and filled with black clips shaped like bees, it sits perfectly on a desk or wherever you may store your much-needed items and looks stylish as hell. The clips slip onto paper or into books, as I tried, easily and don’t leave any marks on the page. All meaning you won’t get stung when using them lovelies (sorry for the pun!). If like me you like animals or want to spice up your work area, this will do the job.

Carrying on with my discoveries, I was treated to a very sweet monster of a gift next. Welcoming a familiar figure into our home, I was greeted by Sweet Nessie. A small sugar spoon made to liven up any warm drink. When I first saw this, I pictured myself with a cuppa sitting on the sofa, stirring my drink with the fun design. I also pictured using it for yogurts or to give to my nephew as a fun treat when he has his. For now, though, Nessie is all mine and I will not be sharing her with anyone in my kitchen, because she is too cute to do so. Mum or dad if you are reading this, hands-off!

Finally, there was Red. Not an angry Red, but a helpful one. One who will watch a saucepan for you. With his claws up in the air ready to hold a spoon, this little crab has been made to lend a hand/claw when cooking. Placing him on the side of a saucepan or pot, the crab spins to fit any size or model of kitchenware you have and holds onto wooden and metal spoons, whilst easing the steam whilst boiling. We are well-known in our house for swearing when water boils over, so Red has made a lot of difference to us, even in the few days we have had him.

Made of silicone I believe, he is also super easy to clean and now sits on our spoon pot, meaning we can grab him easily, but also store him away well. This was my favourite product out of all of them and the one that I know my family will use the most. Whether you are a student cook or a well-experienced one, this is the OTOTO item I would say you need to get out of all of those I tried.

OTOTO have lots more coming out over the next few months and are finishing off several designs, which from what I have seen of them so far look amazing. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to try them and I will continue to share my experiences with the brand with you all, as they are brilliant quality and a lot of fun. With Christmas just around the corner, they also have lots that can be used as gifts and stocking fillers. If you were to get anything though lovelies, definitely take a look at Red! I mean how can you refuse that sweet little crab?

Joey X

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