Brinley Williams Have The Most Perfect Candles To Celebrate Autumn


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Hey Lovelies, 

Christmas is coming! There I have said it! Declared it even in our house! The world needs to get ready for it and I am so down to help lovelies. Get those big cosy jumpers out. The snuggly blankets on the sofa. A brilliant film or box set. The best comfort food. If it screams autumn or winter to you, get it out, on or buy it lovelies.

As someone who spends all year celebrating Christmas (I start in the January sales!), the fact that it is getting close to the festive season makes me so excited. There so, when I heard about Brinley Williams, a Welsh candle making company, who specialises in personalised items, I was very excited. Mostly, because I found out that they do custom Christmas ones.

Let loose on their website, I was given a voucher to spend on any personalised candle up to the cost of £30. Having picked out a few little ones, before finding the Christmas selection, I quickly changed my shopping basket. With only a few options, I found the whole process a breeze when picking which one would suit our home. A simple Christmas one.

The candle I chose wasn’t a scented one, but there was also the option to pick one of them lovelies, which if you can get a festive scent will make it even more perfect.  The hardest thing for me was the personalised wording choice. Picking on a classic Christmas film quote and those in our house’s names. Something I imagined and will now be putting in front of our fireplace when it comes to December.

For £21, the candle company let you pick the name, colour, design, candle size and the brim design colour too. I went with many of the basics, as some come with an extra cost, which I think did make the design process lose a bit of its appeal. However, overall, I was happy with what I received when it came a few days later.

It is a big piece that when surrounded by a few smaller candles will really stand out. Instead of having it in front of a fire or on a fireplace, I think it would now look perfect in the middle of our Christmas table. Although, it might make the other family members a little jealous that their names are not on it. The gold colouring brings a touch of glamour to everything and the wording is perfect for all of us in our home.

Brinley Williams has lots of different candle options for all kinds of events on their website, as well as mugs, posters, hoodies and more to pick from. Having never heard of the brand before, I loved their selection and would definitely use them again for gifts or decorating an event or for use at home. The delivery was super quick, and the candle was really well packaged.

I would like to thank the team for the opportunity to try this and to share it all with you. I would recommend them as a place for something with a little extra magic during the festive season. Even throughout the year. I can’t wait now to put it out on display, and I am sure I will share it all over social media with you all when I do.

To find out more or to see what the Brinley Williams team have to offer, head to their website lovelies. I am sure you will not be left disappointed!

Joey X

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