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Hey Lovelies, 

It isn’t often I start a review by admitting that I am obsessed with someone. But today I am. Since I saw IT, I have had a small (huge) crush on Bill Skarsgard and have spent a lot of time watching things in which he is in. Including Castle Rock, which is out today on DVD, digitally and Blu-ray!

Reuniting with Stephen King, the first series of the show brings King’s multiverse into the world, with Sam Shaw, J.J. Abrams and Dustin Thomson producing the series. Taking characters from all of King’s best-loved books, the show places them in one psychological horror based series that will give leave you thrilled, scared and chilled to the bone from the opening moments.

When Henry Deaver (Andre Holland) heads back to Castle Rock, a small town in Maine, the Death Row attorney is shocked to get a call from Shawshank. One that reveals to him about a young man, who has no name, that has been discovered in a cell at the bottom of the prison by a local guard. Hoping to find out who he really is, Henry becomes curious and can’t leave the young man’s case alone. Even whilst battling with his mother’s (Sissy Spacek) dementia and the weird atmosphere that Castle Rock is known for.

If IT left you wanting more, so will Castle Rock. Bringing in Easter eggs galore from all of King’s work makes it a joy to watch. Every little aspect of the script has been placed there to make you think about where you may have heard that reverence before. Where that character may have been seen and how it all ties together. Ultimately bringing a sense that King has been clever with every novel he has and the casts he has created for the films that have come before the show.

Skarsgard is again on brilliant creepy form, whilst Spacek and Holland stand out alongside him, for their creative arcs. If the script hadn’t been so good, they would have been the main reason to watch, because they enrapture the characters so well on screen that you can’t help but want to applaud them for it.
Thrillers, crime and all things bump in the night may come and go, but this series is one that you hope returns. There are many characters and places in King’s world of Castle Rock to explore and this series has left hopes that they will bring them to life.
4 Stars
Joey X

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