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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Watching Conversations with A Killer on Netflix was a hooking affair for me. Director Joe Berlinger made sure every detail, every moment and every piece of evidence was brought to the front of the docuseries to tell us all the story of one of the most horrific men that ever lived. Ted Bundy. A man that was as the judge said, “Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile.” A quote that went on to become the title of a film, out today on Blu-Ray, DVD and digitally, by the same director, focusing on the relationship, Liz, played by Lily Collins, the first real girlfriend of Bundy, had with the serial killer before and whilst he was in prison.

Placing Zac Efron as his leading man, Berlinger recaptures Bundy’s story, by turning Liz’s book into a film. From the moment Liz meets Ted, a man many see as handsome and smart, the single mother is cautious but under his spell. Together the pair seem like they have the perfect family, as Ted takes her daughter under his wing. Until he is arrested for a series of murders that have taken place close to their home.

As time goes on and the investigation gets deeper, Bundy is charged with the murders, causing heartache for Liz. Paranoid about what the killer may do and with endless messages from him, Liz wonders how the man she trusted so much turned out to be so evil.

Unlike the show, the film doesn’t split up the case but shows it all in one. With Efron in a role unlike anything he has done before, Berlinger has been able to push audiences into seeing what a terrifying man Bundy was, with his perfectly seeming life hiding something dark. He has taken a teen heartthrob and changed them into a man who no one would want to connect with, and it is a clever way to portray the killer. People won’t expect the change and it makes it even more entertaining.

If you have seen the docuseries on Netflix, the film may be lacking the flair in which that had though. You will know what t expect. You will know what the characters are going to do and how they are going to end up. But still, it is worthy of a watch, due to the brilliant performances by many.

Especially that of Collin’s, who shares her version of Liz with so much heart and emotion that you can’t help but feel for her. You can’t help but wonder how much Bundy affected her. The series touched on her story in such a small manner that having the whole feature focus on her and Ted shows you a little bit more to what happened.

Serial killers have always been a weird source of entertainment for many and with great performances, an intriguing story and a companion series that is truly binge-worthy, this feature works in many ways. It wickedly draws you in. Is evil in the way that it makes you want to know more and vile in the story it shares. But with outstanding performances from Collins and Efron, it marks for a great feature that hooks you in from start to finish. It is up to you whether you watch this first or the series, but either way, make sure you do.

4 Stars

Joey X

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