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Be honest now, how often do you read to the little ones in your life? Don’t worry I am not here to judge. I am also someone who has given my nieces and nephews their tablets when they need calming down. However, it is having an effect according to leading experts and communications provider Plusnet.

With many 6-17-year-olds failing to pick up a book, as much as generations were doing so before, the company has teamed up with Larry Lamb to help solve this. Converting three classic fairy tales – Cinderella, Jack and the Giant Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood – into stories with a new digital flow to them, the teams hope to help busy parents/guardians and their children spend more time together enjoying well-loved stories with a 21st-century twist.

Made for children aged 10 and under, the new versions of the tales, are packed full of new references that writer and reader Larry has given a fun re-telling of. Speaking about them, he said: “Fairy tales have always had a special place in the Lamb household, and with technology being such a big part in all our lives, it’s been both challenging and good fun adapting the tales! Everyone loves a good story, especially classics that remind us of our childhood, and so by giving well-loved, traditional fairy tales a 2019 update, more parents and kids will be able to sit down and enjoy storytime together.”

Whilst, CEO of Plusnet, Andy Baker, said: “At Plusnet, we're proud to care for our customers, so we wanted to create something really special for both adults and children to enjoy together. We know that children enjoy being read to, so by making the stories enjoyable for all the family, we hope to breathe some digital life into the fairy tales and change the way people think about screen time and storytime. We can’t wait to hear what families up and down the country think about what their favourite characters are up to in the digital age.”

To find the stories lovelies, head to their website or check out the three stories being read by Larry below:

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