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Good Morning Lovelies,

When John Wick was released back in 2014, not many people thought it was going to be a good film. Until it launched itself into cinemas and homes at lightning speed. One that led it to release it’s third outing this year, John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum, out today on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally.

Returning as Wick, Keanu Reeves takes revenge to a whole new level in this latest feature in the franchise, after seeking it for his pet dog in the first film. After killing a member of the High Table, a group of international assassins’, John Wick is removed from their protection. Ultimately becoming the enemy that they are seeking – with a $14million price tag on his head – for all those involved. After learning of his new fate, John must take on his biggest fight of all, as he faces the world’s most horrific killers in brawl after brawl on the streets of New York.

Always able to bring the character back to life with huge effect, John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum seeks out the best in Reeves again. With what seems like little effort but a lot of talent, he produces the character in a gritty fashion that still entertains. While many features would have tired a role after three outings, Reeves doesn’t. He revives it every time to amazing effect. A punch, kick and a swift jab that delights – and causes a few winces – for any audience member watching. Something that without Reeves simply wouldn’t work.

Unlike others, Reeves uses the script and the action of the third film to bring his role back to life. He doesn’t call on his fists, but the delivery of each line. Each moment of torment his character faces has been thought about and assessed. Reeves knows the character so well by now that he knows what to do to get us to watch. Elevation through his wit and charm that not many action heroes have.

With each film comes a delight but also a new world of surprising. It still isn’t clear which world or era Wick lives in. Using old school technology to bring down a world of ninjas, including himself, all because of a beloved pet seems like the plot of a feature like Sharknado. Yet, three films on Wick and co are proving that even the most out-there of stories and features can work. You just need to prove everyone wrong to do it. And thankfully they have to an ever-amazing standard. Bring on the fourth outing as soon as possible.

4 Stars

Joey X

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