Get Cosy This Winter With These Festive Duvets From Portfolio Home


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Hey Lovelies, 

Just before I went on holiday, I received a little Christmas gift. One that I will treasure for a long time to come. Every year, I make sure that I get a new festive duvet to go with my ever-growing Christmas collection. I was shocked to find one in the middle of September, but I am so glad that the company I found it with created it because it is the sweetest thing I have seen.

Portfolio Home is a brand that I wasn’t aware of before I saw their duvets, yet, they are going to become a firm favourite of mine when it comes to the Christmas season, I am certain. With a bedding selection that will suit every member of the family, they asked me to pick a duvet out of their new range to review and so after much debating, I decided to go with the Ho Ho Ho piece.

Filled with yuletide quotes and images, the duvet has a beautiful front and back design that will stand out on any size bed. I currently have a single day bed (which is from Wayfair and is amazing lovelies) and the duvet stood out a lot on it. I know it may have been a little bit early of me to put it on my bed, but I had to find out what it looked like and I was so happy with what I saw. I am now wishing the rest of the year away because of it.

When I first saw it on the website, I thought it would be good for a child, but after seeing it and feeling the great quality of the fabric it is made of, I now think it is a fabulous piece to put on a guest bed. If I turned up to someone’s home and they had this out, I would jump on the bed in joy. No lie! It is super soft, cosy and one that deserves to be shown off to those coming to your home.

Stockings, Santa and snowmen are printed in red and white. Words that remind you of classic songs and cosy nights in are dotted all over. When you see the image of the duvet on the website, you simply can’t help but love the setting it is in. And the best bit is that the collection comes with even more to add to it. Cushions and the opportunity to turn the duvet the other way around and make it red and white Christmas tree-themed instead. It is made to fit the festive mood in which you are in.

Although I didn’t sleep in the duvet range, as I thought it was a little bit too early, I did give it a go and for the small period I used it I really enjoyed the feel of it. It is made with comfort in mind and it kept me super warm for the short amount of time I experienced it. Something that makes me super excited to use it this winter, when I will snuggle under it with the fairy lights on, a good box set/film and a hot cup of tea joining me.

You know the feeling of clean bedding, freshly shaved legs and just washed PJs being the best in the world? That is the excitement level I am currently experiencing when I think about December hitting and being able to use this duvet fully. Christmas can officially come now, so I can have this on my bed throughout it.

There are a lot more options available from Portfolio Home that I could choose from and you should definitely look at their website lovelies. The quality and experience I had with the team were great and they couldn’t have been more helpful. I will be going back to get another one next year or in the future.

What makes you feel super cosy in winter lovelies? And do you have to have a festive duvet too?

Joey X

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