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Hey Lovelies, 

Christmas normally starts in July for many bloggers and journalists. In fact, 28% of people have already begun to plan the big day. A number set to rise in October to 58%, as a third of people in the UK buy their first gift. It seems that all the rules about when to start the festive season have gone out the window and soon you will find yourself hunting for Michael Buble to unfreeze him for the best time of year. A vital thing, when the average Brit will be turning their festive playlist on from 7th December. From them then on it is all things Christmas, as it has been uncovered that we listen and spend an impressive 4 hours curating the perfect festive soundtrack.

For me, anything to do with Christmas makes me happy. If I could put a tree up now, I would. Even though it has been found that the 4th December is the day most people do it, especially in the North East of the UK. Don’t worry though, I haven’t, I am holding myself back with Halloween goodness, but if I could I would.

However, I did surround myself with some on Monday, when I headed to the Christmas Delivered by Amazon UK event. Based in The Yard in London, the world of festive delight came to life in the building, as the hottest presents for 2019 from Amazon were laid out for all to see. A vital event in many ways, as the average person in the UK will buy 17 gifts during the festive season, spending 558 minutes planning their shopping list, which 8% of them can spend all the way up until Christmas Eve getting. From food to handmade items, Amazon had gathered the best of the best highlighting the treats that everyone will want in their stockings and sacks this year. Believe me when I say lovelies that I wanted most of it.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the lovely team from Nescafé Dolce Gusto, who was on hand to deliver some of their great coffee and hot chocolate options. Choosing the mocha-like option, I was introduced to their newest machine, the Mini Me by Krups, which made a powerful cuppa. I have always loved the idea of having a Dolce Gusto machine and I am seriously considering getting my mum one for Christmas, as I was really impressed with the size of the coffee it gave and the time that it took, as it was literally done in seconds. After chatting with the team for a little while longer, I decided to head on in and moved onto the present displayed entrance, which had Christmas trees galore outside it.

Going into the building, I was welcomed by the lovely team at Ideas Network, who I have worked with for several years and always been inspired by. After a quick catch up, the girls introduced me to the route, and I was underway. Heading into the first part of their Christmas adventure, I was introduced to the Amazon Lockers team, who explained to me how the system worked, before letting me have a go at winning a prize. Having never used a Locker before, although I knew of them, I was asked to pick a code, enter it on the machine and the Locker with my item in would open. Super easy, fun and leaving me with a very fancy golden teapot later, I really liked the idea and system of Amazon Lockers. I don’t think I will need to use them, but if I ever did I now have the confidence and ease of seeing how effective they are and how great they can be if you need to have a parcel delivered to you but can’t.

Moving on from the Lockers, I headed into a bit of a dangerous area for me. The toy section. Greeted by the team, a kind helper, showed me around toy that the young or big kids in your life will want. This year's hottest selection featured a new Monopoly board, which instead of having money will feature a voice system instead, a Fortnite Nerf gun that looks just like the video game and a Fisher-Price Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth, which worked alongside the rest of the toys in the collection to make music and lights. Yet, the real stand out pieces featured included an Amazon Exclusive L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Disco Bigger Surprise, an item so special it wasn’t even allowed to be shown. A Paw Patrol Super PAWs 2-in-1 Transforming Mighty Pups Jet Command Centre that had an exclusive figure and additional plane that shot out as a second machine. The LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School, which works alongside an app on your phone to bring the creation to life and finally an Owleez Flying Baby Owl that would fly around the room after a little wait. The hardest thing I found when in this section was trying not to steal them all to bring home and play with. Honestly, the LEGO has my name all over it.

Turning a small corner, I walked into the small section of pet and baby items. Unlike last year, there wasn’t as much on display for the pair, but this is where I found the stocking filler boxes. Inside them were samples of pieces that would be big this year and so I took a few home to try. In the first two I encountered, I found some Lily's Kitchen cat food crackers and some gorgeous Mama Bear bath bits for mums and babies to use. Turning the corner, I found even more in the beauty and fashion section.

Placed in a staged area, the beauty area was dominated by the Rimmel, Max Factor and Olay teams. Upon walking up the sloped area, which featured a wall of great new items coming out including the Amazon exclusive HAUS Laboratories by Lady Gaga pieces, the team at Olay introduced me to their latest products. For a while I had been interested in finding out more about the Olay Whips pieces, but never got around to it. In a demonstration, the Olay team helped me find the one to match my skin tone, gave me a hand massage with it and then introduced me to their new face wipes. This was the beauty item that stayed with me the most.

Simply run underwater or used in the shower, the face clothes fizz up and then can be used to wipe all over to remove makeup and dirt. Really effective, soft and not to heavy on product, these are now on my stocking wish list. I can’t recommend them enough and with a sustainable element to them, they are even good for the planet. I decided not to have the makeover by the Max Factor team, as I was going on a long trip afterwards, but they introduced me to their new mascara and eyeshadow palettes. All of which exclusive to Amazon during the festive season. Something that continued with the addition of the Amazon Beauty Advent Calendar, which will be £50, yet have items worth up to £220 within it and the GQ Grooming Set that will only be available on Amazon.

Just a little bit further away was the fashion section, which featured sleepwear, shoes and jewellery on display. Whilst I knew a lot about Amazon Fashion, as I often buy clothes from there, I did learn from the team that if you see a piece you like, you can simply scan the shoe, top or whatever piece it is and it will search Amazon to see if it is available for a better price on their. I have not stopped doing this since I found out, as it is a whole host easier and I have saved a lot of money too.

Next up was the sounds section, were the best of Amazon Music was put on display. However, it wasn’t the music that caught my eye but one of the gadgets in which the team were playing with. Attached to a tablet, a light-up keyboard played along to the music and a member of the team allowed me to have a go. A bit like Guitar Hero but with a piano, you could control the speed, song and tempo of the keyboard, as it attempted to teach you how to play. I was awful at it. Honestly, I think a newborn baby would have been better, but I did really enjoy it. Especially when I long to learn how to play the piano.

Quickly glancing at the options available in the sports department, including an at-home golfing set up, protein shake samples and the latest gym equipment, I found myself in the tech area. Filled with options on how to make your home the smartest and most innovative, I was greeted first by the Amazon Prime Video team. I work a lot with these and it was so nice to put a face to those I spend emailing. All of which who were lovely!

After spending a little while chatting to them, I moved onto the entertainment and launchpad areas. In our home, we currently have a lot of Amazon products. Tablets, Fire Sticks and Echo’s, yet I wasn’t aware of the Fire TV Cube. A new remote free option, the box can pick up on your voice and help you to choose what to watch via Fire TV. Something I think would be great for people like my dad, who are always losing the remote or walking out of a room and forgetting to pause what they are watching. New for 2019, it is still pretty fresh, but it will be a great addition to the home when binging on all the shows and films you can during the cold festive months. However, if you are more into reading, the team also had a selection of the hottest books to choose from, including Elton John’s upcoming autobiography and Margaret Attwood’s The Testaments.

Just a little bit further on, the team at Amazon Launchpad were on hand to show what new inventors had been creating. A table, which was actually a speaker. A feeding device for pets that released the food automatically instead of you having to do it. A coding worm to help teach kids how to do it. The best one though, was the Merge Cube VR and AR. A small block that could teach you everything you need to know about the world and more. Through connecting to an app on your phone, it reflected the solar system and all the information you may need about it. Plus, so much more. I would have loved this for homework reasons when I was little, and I was so caught up in it that I have been tempted to buy it for myself now.

Finally, I moved onto the last few sections that the team had gathered. To me, these are the two areas though that mean the most to Christmas. Food and gifts. Handmade gifts at that. Greeted by a lovely team member, I was asked if I would like to take part in the opportunity to make my own bauble. Using a simply plastic outline, I used what was very much like a temporary tattoo to add the first letter of my name and some trees to it, making it come to life in a matter of seconds. The team also had a gin making kit, handmade storage bags and more on show that would add a real personal touch to gifts this year. Memory makers in moments.

Getting up from the table, I walked into the market like setup that featured the Amazon Fresh food items. Coming across the Booths team first, I was greeted by a lovely member, who introduced me to their Christmas cookbook that I am now longing for. The table was filled with Booths items, including Christmas puddings, biscuits, wines and cakes that could be placed into hampers or on tables in elegant fashion this Christmas.

Moving on just a few stalls along and my eye was caught by a huge and I mean HUGE loaf of bread. Fresh from the Karaway Bakery, the team had made Christmas delights that would make any food lovers dreams come to life. With glistering icing, snowy white decorations and cute packets filled of the most gorgeously scented sweets, this was the area that Christmas cooking came to life. Something that made it perfectly fitted with the butchers and meat section next door.

I never knew that Amazon had the option to do meat hampers, yet the team at Lidgate’s do just that. Including your turkey, gravy and stuffing, as well as a cookbook to help you prepare and make it, the box is only £12 and can be delivered fresh up until Christmas Eve. How amazing is that? When I told my mum, she instantly started looking them up and I now feel that we may end up having a few delivered before the big day.

After taking a few samples for my mum to try for me, ultimately leading to me smashing a bottle of lemonade by accident and taking a swing on the Instagram swing that donated money to charity by just taking part, I ended the day with the Amazon Treasure Truck team. Spinning the wheel, I won a very exciting Christmas hat and goodie bag. I was very tempted to wear it on the way home, but I controlled myself. Ending the day with an even bigger treasure treat from the Amazon team, filled with items from the show, I headed off to catch my train home to start my little break away with the family.

I was amazed by everything on offer and display and I can’t wait to share more with you all in the upcoming weeks from the brands and items featured. For now, though lovelies, I would suggest checking out Amazon for their early deals. All whilst I Google when is it socially acceptable to wear a Christmas hat out!

Joey X 

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