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Hey Lovelies, 

After weeks of uncertainty, I am finally going on holiday. Due to my eating disorder and health, I wasn’t allowed to go abroad this year and am still unable to travel far. However, this week I am embarking on a family break to Butlins. A place I love, after building many memories of the place as a child.

To me, it transports me back in time, to when I would spend weeks on the funfair rides, enjoying all the sweets and swimming for hours on end. This time though, I will be spending more of the trip relaxing with my family. Something I am seriously looking forward to. Even if the British weather is unpredictable. An issue that makes it hard to decide what clothes to pack and what essentials you may need to bring. One being that of bug repellent and soother.

After experiencing the horrors of bed bug bites from my hotel's bed last year in Lille, I never want to go through the discomfort of them again. Especially when they got infected. Plus, with the addition of mosquito bites, it led to a lot more pain than needed. There so, I believe you can never be too safe and always pack bite cream in case. Yet, on this trip that is changing.

Having seen an advert online asking for bloggers to take part in a trial, I read up and discovered Zap-It! A small mechanical device that looks a bit like a Nerf gun, the machine uses a small and safe electrical discharge to release histamine from the bites. All of which causing less itching, pain, swelling and ultimately all the discomfort that they bring. Something that I found a pure joy to read had been invented.

Coming with a small keyring to allow you to always have it handy and making it easier to store outside of your toiletry bag, there are three easy steps to using the machine. You simply place the flat end of the device onto the bite, all whilst holding between your first two fingers and press down on the button with your thumb. When it is working, there should be a feeling of a small gentle pinch. The Zap-It! can then be pressed as many times as needed, with the recommended amount being five, releasing the histamine in the bite in minutes.

It states on the packaging that one gun should last up to 1,000 bites, which is a hell of a lot more than any cream or tablet formula. The team behind it have also had it clinically proven and tested by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine’s Dr. Nigel Hill, who has ensured that no harmful chemicals are featured in it. Great for if you are worried about using medicines on yourself or the younger members of your family.

Whilst, I haven’t tested it yet, as I have no bites to use it on. I did give pretending to use the product a try and found that I could control and manage it with ease. I loved that I could add it to my keys. The option of lots of colours means my whole family can have one with no confusion as to which one is ours. My mum is even on the case to get more for us when we are finally able to go to a sunnier climate.

I don’t normally test medical devices or things like this on the blog, as I am always a bit scared that they aren’t right or someone may not want to hear about them, but I have real faith in this device and that it can save so much money if it works for you.

Available at Amazon, health stores, pharmacies, garden centres, Asda, Superdrug, and other retail shops for £5.95, it has a great price. Cheaper than some other medicines in fact. All of which making it a handy, helpful and soothing piece of kit to take away with you. To find out a little bit more or to purchase one head to Amazon lovelies, which is where the best deals for the item are to be had. If you do try it, don’t forget to let me know what you think about it too lovelies.

I am a little worried now I am going to get bitten this week now aha, but hey at least I will have this handy device to use!

Joey X

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