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Good Morning Lovelies, 

As we enter a new world of Batman, with Robert Pattinson leading the way as the dark crusader, the animated DC universe is also marking a new era. Delving into the world of the villain’s threatening Gotham City, Batman: Hush tells the classic story of how Hush came to be. As well as the effects he had on Batman’s crime-fighting ways.

With voices lent by Jason O’Mara and Jennifer Morrison, the animated feature captures how the villain, known only as Hush, impacts not only Batman’s world but his personal one as Bruce Wayne. A world that has been affected by Selina Kyle. Someone we all know well for being Catwoman.

Unlike the previous animated features from DC, this one takes on a more modern approach. Obviously, based on the comic books, the film is a lot darker in many ways and filled to the brim with special features. It is the perfect feature to enjoy in fact whilst waiting for the next outing or in preparation for the upcoming Joker feature.

The use of the recognisable figures as the stars of the show make it thrillingly entertaining. Each one provides a depth to the characters and it is a joy to see. Animation in the DC world is strong, even if the stories we have seen on the big screen aren’t so much. If anything, this is the world that DC fans should be sticking with.

4 Stars

Joey X

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