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Morning Lovelies, 

After falling in love with previous shows The White Princess and The White Queen, I was excited to hear about the latest historical screen adaptation from Phillippa Gregory's novels, The Spanish Princess, which is out today on DVD and digitally via Starz. Telling the story of how Catherine of Aragon came to be the wife of King Henry VIII, the series follows her life from a young princess to one of the most powerful women in history.

Set over eight episodes, the show is a lot more innocent than that of its previous features. Played out much like Netflix’s Reign, it is a delight to be back in the world of The Tudors. However, it doesn’t stand in the same level as the highly praised show of that name. In fact, out of all the series we have witnessed so far in this reign, it lacks what the others had. Yet, with a second season schedule, this looks set to change.

Something though that the show does win at is the story. Not much has ever been told to us as viewers about Catherine of Aragon and how she came to be. Her powerful story may not be historically accurate throughout this show, but it does pack a punch.

Actress Charlotte Hope is brilliant in the role and her talents will be sure to make her go far beyond the queen she is playing on screen. More compelling than the male characters who we have seen be portrayed many times before, her royal reign is something that audiences will delight in.

Especially with the addition of a love story that draws even the coldest of hearts in. And at least we know that whilst it may not end happily, it doesn’t end in a beheading. A piece of history that is very much like this series. Not quite right but it survives the hardest battle.

3 ½ Stars

Joey X

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