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Good Morning Lovelies, 

Matt Berry is a comedy star that many people recognise from the first sounds of his voice. Whether you have seen him in Toast of London or The IT Crowd, you simply know that it is him right away. Often portraying characters who are very out there, his latest role in Year of the Rabbit, out today on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digitally, will again have you laughing at the over the top silly gags he is so well known for.

Set in the Victorian era, Berry stars alongside Freddie Fox and Susan Wokoma, as Detective Inspector Rabbit. A cop who spends his days drinking and testing the patience of those around him, including his new rookie sidekick (Fox) and his Chief Inspectors daughter (Wokoma), who is forced to shadow the pair on their outings.

What has been described by many as a comedy, begins with a tough scene of someone getting endless beaten up by Rabbit. Yet, the show soon finds its comedy feet and with brilliant portrayals from Berry and newcomer Wokoma, it sets off on a path to become Channel 4’s new underdog comedy.

Playing out a bit like Ripper Street mixed with classic The Sweeney and a hint of Porridge, the show needs someone like Berry to lead it. Writers Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley haven’t made an easy plot, so by fixing Berry into the role makes it easier for all audiences to follow. They have given us someone we love and feel familiar with to help lead the way. A bit like an adult Horrible Histories shall we say.

It is fair to say though that the show won’t be for everyone. There is a lot of swearing. There are a lot of moments that are not completely historically accurate and there is a very big silly presence surrounding the whole thing. Yet, in a world that is full of too much drama and politics, it is nice to have something that finally doesn’t take itself too seriously, with a bunch of great comedy actors. If 2019 is the Year of the Rabbit, let it be.

4 Stars

Joey X

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