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Good Morning Lovelies,

Whether it is going back in time with Victoria or bringing us the biggest period dramas in Downton Abbey, ITV has presented us with many romances from far off places for years. Joining them in 2019 is Beecham House, out today on DVD, fresh from director Gurinder Chadha, who gave us Bend It Like Beckham and Bride and Prejudice to name a few.

Taking the lead, Tom Bateman (Vanity Fair), plays John Beecham, a man of many mysteries. Leaving behind his role in the East India Company to make a new life for himself in Delhi. Yet, with the presence of his widowed mother, a fresh love interest and a princess seeking refuge in his home, his desire for a quiet life is in tatters. Plus, with his past chasing him, he finds that his secrets may soon be spilled for all to see, leaving him with endless worries.

Beating Poldark to take up the new Sunday night slot, the show plays out much like the first few series of the BBC drama did. There is a mystery to the smoldering figure. Yet, it doesn’t grip you in the same way. Sure, there are twists and turns, such as the appearance of a young daughter in the first episode, however, Bateman fails to charm us in in the same way.

Chadha is a director that we can all trust to bring us joy and this new series does just that as it continues. Audiences can be reassured that she knows what to do to represent India and the cast she has chosen well. In just six episodes, you will desire much of the world in which the characters live in. Maybe not their personal stories though.

Plus, with a mixture of genres on hand and a whole host of fabulous tales that they have, there is no lack of drama either and you will find this most enjoyable as a viewer. Especially if it is to return for a second season. However, as mentioned before it doesn’t all work well.

There is a lot of cheese to be had as well and it can become a little unbelievable at times. Throughout much of the story, you do feel like it has been done before and the need for something new isn’t always met. Bateman and Chadha have tried their best, but it doesn’t play out well and that is a sad loss.

If you are seeking a show to feel those Sunday night binges than this is probably the one for you. However, it may be best to wait for your old favourites just a little bit longer. Fans of Chadha won’t be disappointed, but her films are a lot better it must be said.

3 Stars

Joey X

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