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With recent performances in Girls, Shrill and Mozart In The Jungle, John Cameron Mitchell is still making sure audiences see all the sides of his fabulous acting. However, it is one role that still stands out amongst the rest. In Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which has been re-released today on Blu-Ray, the star gives us everything.

Directing, writing and starring within the feature, the 2001 hit is still as relevant today as it was back then. Taken from stage to screen, the original off-Broadway (now on Broadway) show follows Hedwig, a transsexual East German star, who is on tour in America’s Midwest. As she plays to the locals, she tells her story. From a botched operation to the men she has dated, Hedwig is a fiery figure, who demands never-ending songs and encores from not only the crowd but us as an audience.

As the film continues, the songs get stuck in your head and they become a rhythm of not only the story being told but that of a modern real-life moment. You can feed the beats into tunes you recognise and by the end of the viewing, you will be seeking to tell your own story in the same way that Hedwig does.

There are moments where it does drift off, with animated scenes portrayed in ways that many wouldn’t expect. But it shows the passion in how Cameron Mitchell wants to tell the tale of Hedwig and the ways she will be remembered. Hedwig may be a star on-screen, but it is her fabulous power to stay so relevant off-screen too that makes this re-release a real winner.

4 Stars

Joey X

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