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Hey Lovelies, 

I love a board game. In fact, I love any kind of games. I believe it is the big kid in me. However, with people always coming and going in our house, we don’t get to play them as much as I would like. Most of the time, they are given a special place at Christmas. Yet, we changed this week.

About three years ago I was sent a game called Randomise by the brilliant Gamely team. Starting as a Kickstarter and family-based company, the team went on to appear on Dragons Den, where they turned down an offer from the team. Their passion was what has earned them their gaming top instead.

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Bringing me to this post. Now onto their fourth gaming release, the team have come up with another gem that will make you laugh. Called Jibbergiggle, the aim is to take everyday scenarios and challenges, which you then act out but with only nonsense words and expressions. No hands or other body parts allowed.

When I got the game and after reading the instructions it instantly reminded me of the mouth game that has been ruling the world over the past couple of years. Yet, this is a lot harder. Coming up with words and knowing what to do with your face makes it a fabulous brain game, as well as a truly funny thing to play.

Simply pick two cards from each pile, one stating what you have to act out and the other with a set of words you have to say to describe that scenario. These included things like Crumpet Trumpet, FouBayBay and other words that sound like what you say to a baby or a dog when you can’t control yourself.

Bringing this out at a party will honestly make the night. After a dinner party, at a kid’s birthday party or even, dare I say it, Christmas, are all perfect times to enjoy it. I can already picture us on the big day with my nieces and nephews laughing over this, as we battle it out to win.

With just me, my mum and my dad having a go, it didn’t go on for long, but we had a lot of enjoyment out of it. At 24, 56 and 74, there was a wide range of ages and each of us got it instantly. Although, we didn’t all succeed at getting the scenarios straight away. Something that I think having a bigger group would make better.

I love the whole nature of Gamely as a company and the thought that goes into each one of their games. This is such a simple idea, yet when you play it, it becomes complex but still fun. I like that everyone in the family can get involved. There isn’t a lot of time that must be spent setting it up. Plus, the whole set can be taken with you and played whilst travelling, on holiday or at home.

We are planning to go away soon to Butlins on a family holiday and I am going to be taking this away with me for certain. I like all Gamely’s games in which I have reviewed for them, but for me, this is the winner so far. It is a fun mixture of brain training and comedy. Two things I enjoy in a game.

Out now, you can find out more about the product or where to find a place that stocks them close to you on their website lovelies. I know I have said it before, but I truly think this is a great stocking or Christmas gift for 2019, so definitely take a look if you are planning early.

Joey X

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