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Good Morning Lovelies,

Heading back to the 1950s, Felicity Jones takes on the role of one of the most powerful women in US history in On the Basis of Sex, out today on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally. Playing, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Jones tells the story behind one of nine women who took on the 500 law students in her class at Harvard, with her talented mind and never-ending power.

Set in 1956, the film captures Ginsburg as she learns to adapt to the students around her, whilst seeking what her path in life is. One she discovers is that of challenging sexist laws across America. All before becoming the US Supreme Court Justice.

Having inspired and continuing to inspire a new generation, through powerful speeches, memes and online encapsulations, the world is ready to know how Ginsburg grew to become who she is, and this film delivers. If only the story had been made more of when it came to promotional content.

The script and story are not represented enough in the media for their hard work and determination. Incredible thought has been shown throughout to make sure that audiences learn how the US Supreme Court Justice got to where she was. Yet, it feels as though because there aren’t any big action scenes or over the top dramatics, the story has been left in the dark. A sad fact for a film about a fabulous woman in our history.

Jones captures the powerhouse in a determined and dominating manner that works throughout. Instead of focusing on the story, you often focus on the true depths that she has gone to to ensure that Ginsburg is given the on-screen portrayal she deserves. Justice is most definitely served when it comes to the acting in this case.

With director Mimi Leder using the film to cement her return to the big screen after a break, it would have been nicer if it would have raised more of an appeal. The story, script and acting are only at a strong and outstanding level in many cases and to have seen this celebrated more would have been perfect. Keeping everything focused on Ginsburg, it is going to be a feature that will inspire a generation. No judgements needed.

4 Stars

Joey X

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