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Good Morning Lovelies, 

It isn’t often that we get to experience a film that makes such an impact but doesn’t make a lot of noise. Yet, Fighting With My Family, out today on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally, does just that. Created by the legendary Stephen Merchant and Dwayne Johnson, the film tells the real story behind one of the biggest family’s in boxing.

Back when it was known as WWE, the Knight family in Norwich were learning all about the world of wrestling through Zak (Jack Lowden) and his sister Raya (Florence Pugh). Determined to reach the top, the family are faced with a tough choice when only one of them makes it. Soon, tensions rise and the love their have for the sport is challenged.

Wrestling is having a revival. With the likes of GLOW on Netflix and the possible return of Gladiators and WWF, people’s interest in the sport is rising. This makes the choice to turn Paige’s (really known as Saraya-Jade Bevis), the daughter of the Knight wrestlers’ story into a full-blown film a clever one from Merchant and Johnson.

Together they have made a loving script that reflects every family dynamic, which is built up by actors Nick Frost and Lena Headey, but with an addition aggression from a sporting world that doesn’t get much big-screen action. However, when done right, it is a world that brings everyone together in a joyful manner. Add in the action and high stakes of Dwayne Johnson and you soon get a film that mixes everything in one. Hollywood powerhouses and English home-grown comedy, grittiness and light-heartedness.

Lowden and Pugh are a fantastic brother and sister pairing, who truly bring a sense of sibling rivalry and companionship to the screen every step of the way. They show how challenges can be made, tested and then pieced back together in only a brother and sister way. You feel when watching them that they could be related and as a viewer it makes the film even more enjoyable. Together they show the growing talent in the UK that is coming up.

Ultimately Johnson and Merchant have created a comedy that will stand the test of time. More should have been done to promote the work of this film and the people within it, as the talent and the story is a delight. There is a pure joy to this British story and I only hope that more people watch it now upon its release.

4 Stars

Joey X 

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