Blooming Lovely! My Prestige Flowers Haute Florist Summer Bouquet Review


Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Summer to me is all about being out in the garden and enjoying the sunshine. It is also the perfect time to bring the sunshine in, with some gorgeous flowers and fruits around the home. A bowl full of summer ripeness and windowsills with flowers on them are perfect sunshine treats that brighten any mood.

After speaking to the brilliant team at Prestige Flowers, they kindly offered me a chance to brighten my home with their new summer Haute Florist collection that is simply beautiful. At around 8am on Friday morning – also my mum’s birthday – an exciting white box arrived on my doorstep with a bouquet that was in no other words blooming marvellous.

Made up of lilies, roses and more, the flowers are a stunning shade of pink and white, reminding me of a Drumstick lolly. Added green leaves and purple buds gave it an added bit of charm that I simply adored. Normally roses are not my thing, but I loved the colour of these and the smell of them was not too overpowering. Something that I think makes them a great bouquet in summer to get someone if they suffer from hay fever or other plant-based allergies.

Having been in hospital for the past few days, the bouquet really made my home sparkle. I love coming down and seeing them on display. They also made the cards my mum got really shine and I told her we could share the bunch as a joint celebration of me being discharged and her big day.

Whenever I have had flowers from Prestige Flowers before, I am always impressed with how long they have lasted. Normally by now, a bunch will have started to have wilted. Yet, these still look the same as they did when they arrived, except for maybe one or two buds. They have really popped with the sunshine we had over the weekend and the food that comes with them upon arrival.

Every season Prestige Flowers makes a special bunch. This summer selection is the Orion bouquet I believe, and I can’t recommend it enough. I love the smell, the flowers chosen in it and the way in which it looks in a room. There is something summery in every petal and I can’t wait to order myself some of the sunflowers to try them too.

To discover more about Prestige Flowers, head to their website lovelies or search on the blog to see over bunches I have tried. They are simply fab, arrive in amazing condition and are always on time. Blooming marvellous if you ask me!

Joey X 

(#AD: I was not paid for this content or for the links within it, but I was gifted items to try lovelies)

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