Babylon Berlin Series One and Two DVD Review


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It is not often that you find a TV show with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Yet, Babylon Berlin, in all its political glory has just that and a whole host of praise. Very worthy praise indeed, as this German drama about a young police inspector is breaking the waves around the world.

Centred around detective Gereon Roth (Volker Bruch), the jazz age is well and truly alive, with Roth, a first world war veteran and PTSD sufferer, setting out to investigate one of the biggest pornography rings in the country. Alongside him is stenotypist Charlotte Ritter (Liv Lisa Fries), who helps him as he uncovers a world far darker than he first thought. Fighting with Soviet rebels, democracy and the loyalty he feels within his team, Roth is a character who will lead the way in this series that feels as important today as to the time it is set.

Bruch may not be a well-known crime-fighting figure, but he knows how to make sure that Roth will always be remembered. Standing out in the scenes focusing on the far right, your eyes are never off what the detective is going to do and as a viewer, even when you aren’t watching, you want to know how he is going to face what he must. All a clever mixture from the writers of the series.

Both series appeal to audiences for not just the nature of the crime battling ways though. There is a beauty that makes the show so appealing. The glittering jazz bands, ballrooms and costumes will spark joy in the hearts of all, with the roaring 1920s truly alight and a delight.

Some scenes do lead into unwarranted territory, with many in fact being the scenes as he fights the porn world, but there is a sharpness to the show that doesn’t let this override the nature of it. It is a clever story with great acting and pure on-screen designing beauty. Not many series can get a 100% rating, but it is easy to see why this one has, which is why I am giving it…

4 ½ Stars

Joey X 

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