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Good Morning Lovelies, 

If you have a tiny person or in fact, you are someone who loves animals than Dolphin Kick may be the film for you. With heart-warming moments that the whole family can enjoy, this is an easy adventure to fall into on a Sunday afternoon.

Whilst on holiday, 10-year-old Luke Mahoney (Tyler Jade Nixon) bonds with Echo, a young playful dolphin who is unable to find his way home. Through their unlikely partnership, Echo helps Luke discover his love for the water again after the death of his mother. Whilst, Luke helps Echo on his mission to find his own family.

Full of stunning shots of the film's location and the characters within the film, there is no doubt that this is an adventure film that even the tiniest members of the family will enjoy. Opening several different topics for the family to discuss, this film touches on some heavy subject matters but manages to dive in with care and attention.

Dolphin Kick may not be an original feature and it may not bring to life a whole load of new ideas, but it does bring a sense of joy. There are no worries in letting young viewers watch it alone and the message to get back out there is sweet enough to make it not too overbearing on the cheese. There so, I am giving it…

3 Stars

Joey X 

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