My Top Easter Sweet Treats From Cadbury Gift's Direct, Prestat and More!


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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

Easter is fast approaching and for many of us, that means a never-ending weekend of chocolate! Cereal served in half an Easter egg. Hunts around the garden looking for small, medium and giant eggs to enjoy throughout the day. Even chocolate infused hot cross buns. The whole of spring is full of the milky, dark or white goodness we all love.

As always, when it comes to the holiday's, I like to turn to my favourites – Cadbury! You can’t go wrong with them and I know that my whole family will get a treat that they love with it. However, this year I have discovered something a little bit extra special that I intend to share with them all. After the blog’s Christmas gift guide, I have fallen head over heels with the special delights that the Cadbury Gift’s Direct team make. Finding classic, new and over the top Cadbury pieces that we all love, they have made some super exciting Easter treat boxes that feature a bar for all.

Below are a few of the ones that I have been lucky to sample and fallen for. Plus, a few extra Easter treats you can't miss out on from Prestat and more:

Giant Easter Chocolate Bar, £12: When this first landed on my desk, I will be honest and admit I didn’t know what to do with it. Normally, I save bars and gift them to my family or friends or put them into storage. This one was just a little bit too big until I came up with a perfect idea for it. I would use it to make a never-ending Cadbury’s chocolate fountain. Let’s just say it went down a treat!

Easter Treasure Box, £10: Filled with tiny eggs in Oreo, Crème Egg and Mini Eggs flavours, this box also includes a selection of chocolate bars that the whole family can tuck into. Chomp, Fudge, Curly Wurly and the classics are included. This box is a nice change to a traditional egg or as a special celebration pack for a family you know.

Toblerone Easter Bar, £5.49: Forget about the eggs and the chocolate shaped animals, it is all about the triangle this Easter. Toblerone have made a festive bar that even comes with a warning. I give you full permission to enjoy this one on your own as a treat from yourself. 

Cadbury Easter Buttons Monkey Hamper, £16.50: For the little ones in your life or the Buttons lover, this hamper is filled with every shape, size and variety of the classic Cadbury Buttons. In our house, my nephew is obsessed with them as much as my mum is, so the fight will be on for this. I really like the different options and the way in which you can enjoy a little or a big piece of chocolate with this selection.

Crème Egg 5 Pack, £2.85: Is it even Easter if these are not in your home or on the shelves? My house has lovers and haters of these treats, but no matter what they must be brought. Easter is not Easter without the classic Crème Egg and Cadbury’s have made it so easy to buy one for the whole family with this box. You could also pop one in your lunchbox every day of the week running up to the event.

Cadbury Family Easter Egg Selection, £16: Perfect as a selection pack if you have small ones or a house with a variety of tastes, this family hamper includes Mini Eggs, Crème Eggs and Buttons options, as well as additional treats. With two nephews and a niece to cater for, this hamper was ideal for me, as I could already imagine who was getting which one. I could also give them a Crème Eggs each and save the Mini Eggs for my mum. It is also a great selection for a couple, friends or as a treat for yourself if you can never pick one in the shops.

Prestat London Gin Truffle Easter Egg, £17.50: Made with the finest milk chocolate, Prestat have flavoured this classic egg with lemon oil and filled it with white chocolate truffles made with gin and Mediterranean lemon oil flavoured ganache. Yet, this isn’t the best bit. In honour of the classic London Gin and tonic, they have added a secret ingredient that fizzes on your tongue. Something you may find in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory lovelies. This very adult Easter egg is one that you should treat yourself to this Easter, especially when you see how fancy it comes, as the gold-foiled egg arrives nestled in a bed of fuchsia tissue, in a gold, yellow and green box. 

Have a fabulous Cadbury's Easter lovelies! 

Joey X 

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