The Miracle DVD Review


Good Morning Lovelies, 

Remember way back when a series called A Young Pope took over Sky Atlantic and everyone went mad for it? Well, the creators of that show are now back with a new series called The Miracle. A tale of politics, the mob, violence and faith.

When the police raid a mafia base in an abandoned swimming pool, controlled by the boss of the 'ndrangheta, they discover a figurine of the Virgin Mary. One which cries blood. With no explanation as to how those who encounter it are affected forever. Both in good and bad ways.

The show isn’t like A Young Pope in any way. The Italian beauty still shines through, but the ideas of the creators are completely new. It is a piece that will make you think about the way in which religion affects so many and how one path can lead to many others.

Seeing a statue known around the world weeping in a horrifically brutal looking manner adds intrigue. It is the reason to watch each episode with care and attention. The thrill of the supernatural is somehow refreshed and brought back to life in many ways.

Mysteries are becoming the key ingredient when it comes to TV and this one works in every way. Viewers aren’t getting a repeat of what the creators have done before, but a whole new side to their talents. Talents that will make you want to binge all eight episodes in one.

There is no miracle needed for this…

4 Stars

Joey X 

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