Ricecakes or Corn Chips For Your Next Film Night? Metcalfe's Has The Treat For You


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Good Afternoon Lovelies, 

When most people think of Metcalfe’s, the company’s popcorn normally comes into their head. However, times are changing, and the popcorn legends have now expanded their products to feature even more healthy options. With new miniature rice cakes that are easy to take with you on the go to their popping new Corn Chips, Metcalfe’s are on it.

Last Friday, I received a huge parcel from the Metcalfe’s team (thank you so much), which I had to open sneakily and quickly. If my brother knows food is around, it is no longer safe aha! Upon opening, I was greeted with three different kinds of mini rice cakes and two types of Corn Chips to try. All of which perfect pieces to add to a lunch box or to enjoy on a spring/summer picnic.

Starting with the mini rice cakes, there were the options of dark chocolate orange, white chocolate and milk chocolate to choose from. Deciding to do a taste test for the whole family, I laid them out on a plate and handed them around for people to enjoy. My brother and nephew had the dark chocolate ones, whilst my mum delved into the milk and white flavours.

Upon feedback, my mum stated that the ease of the miniature size meant she could keep some in her bag or take them to work in her pinafore to enjoy whilst there. Plus, with the calories of the products ranging between 79 and 81, all of them said they were a healthier treat that didn’t leave them feeling naughty.

When it came to the Corn Chips, finding the right time to open these was a lot harder. Having been sent the Sizzlin BBQ and Nacho Cheese flavours, I wanted my mum to try them when she had a free moment. I also wanted to include them in a meal, as I thought they sounded perfect with chilli or a saucy dish, which they could be used in to scoop up some of the sauce. Especially the cheesy ones.

Lighter than Doritos, the chips weren’t that big, yet, my mum found them to be just as feeling when she made them as a nacho dish on the side of her meal. Perfect with salsa or on their own, she quickly devoured them, before telling me that because of the smaller portion that they were the perfect side dish or snack that could be eaten with a sour cream dip perfectly. The flavours were strong as well and the scent of them alone would make you want to dive right in.

I really loved the look and idea of these products. Anyone could enjoy them. The low calorie popped instead of fried lightness of them means that straight away you can tell they have been made with care and attention. The needs of the customer being met every step. If you are hosting a night in soon, then I would suggest the Corn Chips in a dish for everyone to tuck into. Whilst keeping the rice cakes as a film snack for the kids or as an on the go treat. Either way is perfect.

Metcalfe’s will always be known for their amazing popcorn flavours and treats, but these new products are standing out on their own. I can already see the Corn Chips being everywhere and rightly so if the feedback from my family is anything to go by. Discover more about them on Metcalfe’s website lovelies or pop into your local supermarkets to pick up a pack/packet to try. It is simply now up to you to choose the one for your next night in (or out).

Joey X 

(#AD: I was not paid for this content or for the links within it, but I was gifted items to try lovelies)

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