Make Your Mother's Day Brunch Extra Special With The New Yankee Candle Collection


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Good Morning Lovelies,

Saturday and Sunday nights at our house are film nights. There is normally nothing on TV that takes our fancy, so we delve into my film cupboard and pick out a classic that we can all adore. Whilst I am always fighting for a Disney classic, my mum is reaching for the latest romance or drama to delve into. It is one of the reasons that I was brought up with Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Little Voice and many more along these lines. Often, we come to an agreement on what to watch and once we do, we light a few candles and embrace the on-screen action.

One day of the year though where everything changes is Mother’s Day. My mum rules the TV/film choices on that day. I normally like to treat her to a new film she can put her feet up with, but this year we will be heading out a day earlier I hope to capture Dumbo at the cinema. This means that on the Sunday, our TV time will be very different. Yet, that won’t stop our normal ritual. Candles included.

Kindly I was sent a Belgian Waffles scented Yankee Candle in the post the other day, which my mum has now claimed as her own. As part of their new Sunday Brunch collection, the candle joins four others to create a special Mother’s Day Bundle. Scents include Blush Bouquet, Floral Candy, Market Blossoms and Sweet Morning Rose, all of which perfect choices to wake up to or enjoy any time of the day. As well as the perfect fragrances for all mums out there.

My mum and I both enjoy sweet smells. If I am buying her a candle for a certain season, I always know that it must fit in with what she likes. For example, Christmas time always calls for gingerbread or cinnamon scents, whilst summer is all about fresh linen or vanilla smells. When this candle arrived in the post, I knew instantly that she was going to like it before she had even smelt it. Waffles are one of her favourite foods and if we go anywhere that serves them, she must have one.

After popping the lid for a quick whiff, I called her into the room to smell it. Holding the label away from her so she couldn’t see what it was, she instantly reacted with a moan of pure joy at the smell. In some part, I think she could tell what it was already. With top scent notes of toasted pecans and vanilla, followed by mid notes of waffle batter, a dash of cinnamon, melted butter and a base note of whipped cream, there is no denying that this is one for the brunch lovers in your home.

Even before you have lit it, the smell hits you and I won’t lie, if I could eat it I would (don’t worry I haven’t done this!). Upon lighting the candle, the fragrance gets even more intense and the smell has made us limit the use of this to a Sunday morning in the kitchen. However, when she goes away, I will be lighting it morning, noon and night, it is that perfect.

Having been a huge Yankee Candle lover for a long time, I have my favourites. Black Coconut, Vanilla Cupcake, Coconut Splash, Christmas Cookie, Christmas Memories and Scent of the Year 2019 to name but a few and this one has now joined it. It is the perfect scent for my home and my fragrance tastes. Super sweet, everlasting and comforting as spring makes its way in. Plus, perfect for my mum as a present. Something that may have to happen, because we simply can’t share this one.

To find out more about the Sunday Brunch Yankee Candle collection lovelies, head to their website or take a look in your nearest Yankee Candle shop (ours is our local Clintons) to smell them for yourselves. I will warn you though that you will love the waffle one. It is very addictive!

Joey X 

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