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Good Morning Lovelies, 

The troubles Lisbeth Salander has gone through over the years have made for some thrilling times. With an early on-screen adaptation, to a remake and now a new reboot of The Girl In The Spider's Web, audiences have never been without either when it comes to author David Lagercrantz’s -who followed on with the stories by original author Stieg Larsson’s after his death – creations. Though there have been some changes.

Gone is the original trilogy’s, Noomi Rapace, and the 2011 remastered version’s Rooney Mara and in comes The Crown’s Claire Foy, who has completely embodied the role. Gone is the coldness of David Finch’s image and in comes Fede Álvarez. What has remained? Well, the story is still the same.

Centred around Foy’s Lisbeth, from early childhood to her crime fighting/doing ways, the tale of Salander is what you will expect from seeing the previously released features. She seeks revenge, answers and power. All of which she presents in a manner much like a superhero. Yet, it all feels a little too similar to deem totally new for the viewer.

Foy is fantastic, in a role that should show others the manner sides to her performances. But with sharp cuts within certain scenes, key script details missed out and a not so violent manner to her character, it all feels a little bit too safe. The whole idea of the books and the world that is first captured on screen is epic-ness. This feature builds on this idea but doesn’t take it anywhere.

With Foy not given a wide enough scope to portray the character, everything becomes too dark and heavy hitting. Not in a good way either. The character is a rogue master, yet in this, the weight of the world weighs her down too much. Foy tries her best to beat this and if I had to view any of the portrayals of Salander again it would be hers. She is just let down by the predictability of it all.

That is where the real issues with this reboot lie. There is no new scope. No new story and nothing that makes you think about the world of Salander and co in a new way. If you have seen the previous ones, the only reason to view this feature is because of Foy. That is where its success truly lies.

There so, I am giving it…

2 Stars

Joey X 

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