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Sergio G. Sánchez has often been the man behind some of J.A. Bayona’s best films. However, whilst the director works on big-budget features, Sánchez has been staying true to his indie roots and making low budget features that pack a punch.

In The Secret of Marrowbone, he gives audiences the story of four siblings faced with the aftermath of their mother’s death. After promising that they will remain secret until the oldest sibling, Jack (George MacKay) turns 21, the family is faced with an earlier than planned issue from an evil force.

Starring MacKay, Charlie Heaton and Anna Taylor-Joy, the film takes the best upcoming British talent to present a story that will stick with you long after viewing. Like The Orphanage and in many ways Heaton’s Stranger Things, the family ties within the film will take you back and forth as Jack fights to keep them all together.

More of a thriller than a horror, the screenplay adds music to create suspense and MacKay is a compelling watch when it comes to breaking down how much of a threat their issues are causing. Yet, there is a few issues with the storyline.

Happy moments are too often to really create an everlasting thrill and the characters are sometimes too hard to connect with. The plot goes into many dimensions at times and not in a way that will thrill many. It causes confusion and it takes this impressive cast to really make sure that the film doesn’t go to wild. Without them, it may just become a feature done before and never in a good way.

However, that isn’t to say that the film doesn’t demand a watch. Classic horror or thriller fans will enjoy the familiarity of it and the way minor details play into the story. If you enjoyed The Haunting of Hill House than this is a film that you can enjoy soon after.

There so, I am giving it...

4 Stars

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